How to: Massage at home


Massage- use a small ball (lacrosse, tennis, golf) lean against wall with ball placed where you’re feeling the discomfort, apply tolerable pressure and roll it around the area. 







Stretch- While sitting drop one shoulder/arm to your side, pressing shoulder down, lean head to opposite side while applying gentle pressure with same side hand. Repeat on opposite side. Then continue to stretch neck all directions with gentle pressure. Hold each for a few seconds.  






Low back:

Massage- Lean forward, place ball between one side of low back and chair or floor. Lean back onto it applying tolerable pressure. Hold for 20 seconds, release. Move ball to other side and repeat.









Stretch- While sitting stretch arms above your head with interlocked fingers. Slightly lean to one side  and hold, then to the other and hold. Then lean forward toward feet and arch back upwards.












Massage- Using opposite thumb (with tolerable pressure) make small circles over entire palm. Do this for both hands. For arms, use a small ball to roll up and back and forth across arm. (With or without additional pressure from other hand) Repeat on both sides of arm.  





 Stretch- Holding arm out straight bend wrist. With opposite hand apply tolerable pressure, hold for a few seconds. Then do the same stretching the opposite direction.